Coconut Wedding Cake & Cupcakes

Coconut Cupcakes and Flowers

The final product styled at the event space

My second wedding order ever came up this past July from a bride who was also a coworker at my last job. She was marrying a boy that I grew up with back in high school. I knew they were both easygoing and would be fun to work with, so I took it.

We started months earlier drafting up ideas: flavours (coconut as posted by Whisk Kid), colours (turquoise and lemon yellow), styles (cupcakes with a 6″ topper cake) and other details. Everything was going well until halfway through the day of the wedding.

The bride had given me swatches to match the colour of the cake accents to previously (a Post-It Note and some silk flowers) but on D-Day I had left them behind at my house because I was using my boyfriend’s parents’ kitchen to do all of the assembly. I spent about an hour and a half dyeing, rolling, cutting and putting together a stack of large daisies to top the cupcakes.

When I finally decided to pull up a sample online of the turquoise colour, to my horror they didn’t match! I basically had a panic attack and called my bakery-experienced friend to rush to my rescue.

Luckily, we were only minutes away from the venue so we whipped over to the hall, snuck inside and imagine my relief to find out that the flowers did indeed coordinate with the rest of the decor after all (which was all amazingly beautiful, by the way). We hurried back to the house to finish icing so we could make it back in time to set up the display.

Coconut wedding cupcakesCoconut Wedding CupcakesCoconut Wedding CupcakesSo happy we're done!

Everything turned out wonderfully and the newlyweds were very pleased with the final result. I even got a request for the recipe a week later from a girl who had been a guest at the wedding! I just have to say, I’m glad the majority of this order was cupcakes.



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