About Driving

Alberta Icefields

Driving from Prince George to Calgary through the Icefields

I’m on the road a lot, whether it be for work or fun, and I’ve come across a few common issues/tips to share. Please keep in mind that this is mainly for driving in BC/Alberta, where there is plenty of “open road” with a few cities in the mix.

  1. Old people/RVers are not in a rush and don’t care if you are.
  2. It’s hard to take pictures of the scenery through the bug-splattered windshield. Try out the window instead.
  3. Many drivers drive really slow until they hit a passing lane, then it’s full throttle and good luck getting by.
  4. Beef jerky is a road trip staple.
  5. Don’t forget your iPod cord (unless you already have satellite radio).
  6. Try to travel on ANY other day besides Friday.
  7. Animals will run directly AT your vehicle instead of trying to run around you.
  8. Most people think that downhill automatically means “slam on brakes”.
  9. If you see a perfect photo opportunity, pull over and get the shot. It may not happen again the next time around.
  10. Get winter tires if you’re travelling in WINTER!

What’s your biggest road trip pet peeve? Mine is number 3 for sure. Or unexpected construction delays!



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