Nutella “Cheesecakes” To Go

Nutella Dessert Cheesecakes

The chocolatey goodness lined up all pretty

We had a girls’ night at my friend’s on Friday and because I was too busy to whip up cupcakes I found this fabulous recipe on Pinterest and decided to make them. Anyone who knows me also knows that I practically die for Nutella and we just happen to have two Costco-sized jars in the cupboard, so it worked out perfectly! I didn’t exactly follow the recipe amounts to the tee and used pre-crushed Oreo crumbs, but they turned out fine and just filled 10 jars including the extra whipped topping layer.

These little desserts are so easy… it probably only took me about half an hour to mix them up and dish out. I opted for Dollar Store mini plastic jars with screw-on lids and threw in a set of disposable plastic spoons to match. The jars made transportation a breeze.

I didn’t actually try one but the scraped-clean containers at the end of the night assured me that they were a hit!



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