About Demolition

Demolition in Progress

Demolition in progress by ‘da boys’

I am not  a handy person. I have never built anything out of wood (unless you count puzzles or bowls in grade 7 and 10 wood working), and I can’t remember the last time I’ve used a hammer. I do, however, like to take things apart!

We recently gained possession of a new (older) house that we plan to heavily renovate this month before moving in. This is the first “home” I will be living in “on my own” with my boyfriend, and we are SO EXCITED! Our first few days last weekend were spent ripping out walls, yanking out staples, smashing tiles and tearing up laminate. Here are some of the things I learned in the process:

01. Gloves will save your hands (and your nails)! You can get a decently priced pair of gardening ones at Walmart and they’ll fit better on smaller hands.

02. Wear kneepads… you’ll be on them a lot. A lot. Especially if you’re the only girl.

03. Pump up the tunes to make the time go by faster. Avoid slow songs.

04. Keep a set of ear plugs on hand in case things get loud (and they will when the “smashing” part comes in).

05. Stand far away from the boys swinging tools.

06. People drop really REALLY weird things in the cracks of their floors. Be careful in there.

07. KFC still tastes good cold.

08. Wear shoes. Actually, I knew this already but forgot them, so DON’T FORGET THEM!

09. Have a large amount of beer on site so friends will help you.

10. I’m very glad I don’t have to rebuild everything we broke.

I have included a couple of before/mid demo shots here so you can see kind of where we’re at. I will be updating as we progress with the renovations! I am now re-obsessed with Pinterest.


St Patrick Before

St Patrick Before 2

St Patrick Before 3Demolition 1

Demolition 2Demolition 2


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