About Being Unemployed

Laundry Pile on Bed

What I spent most of my time doing today.

I decided to mark my first day of official unemployment with a blog post, which I hope will be the first of many to (consistently) follow. Since I got my first job at 16, I can’t remember a time when I’ve been out of work without something securely lined up for the near future.

My boyfriend was recently promoted to a new position at his company, which means we are (quickly) moving to Vancouver. More specifically, we’ll be living in New Westminster, but we both expect to be working somewhere near the downtown area. I actually applied for my first big city job at lululemon as their Social Media Specialist last week. Want to see how I’m trying to get their attention? (P.S. My friends are SO AMAZING! Thank you all!)

I’m currently in a bit of a weird place, as I have a lot of plans in the next month but haven’t nailed down a job. I actually took advantage of this break and booked a trip that I’m super excited about: I’ll be flying to Winnipeg, Halifax and Bermuda, respectively, to visit friends and family.

I have a lot of big life changes to make in a short amount of time. Today I learned that being unemployed (such as I am):

01. Is scary

02. Is exciting

03. Opens up many doors

04. Opens up too many doors and is confusing

05. Is the coolest when you get to sleep in the first day

06. Makes me sound like a bum

07. Makes me consider being a bum

08. Could easily be filled with endless hours on YouTube, Netflix and the Internetz


10. Hopefully won’t last too long

What about you? When was the last time you experienced being unemployed? What did you do during this time?



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