About Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert Waterfront

Prince Rupert Waterfront during a break in the rain

Even though I’ve grown up in northern BC, there are hundreds of communities that I’ve never had the chance to visit. One of those (until last weekend) was Prince Rupert.

Prince Rupert Overlooking

My coworker and me on our way to dinner at Dolly’s

Working in tourism, I knew a lot about the town: I knew how far it was from Prince George, that it rains a lot, that it’s beautiful when the sun shines, and that there is great seafood to be eaten. Now that I’ve been, I can tell you that:

01. It’s about 720km west of Prince George

02. It rains at least ten times a day

03. It’s beautiful when the sun shines

04. It’s still beautiful even when the sun isn’t shining

05. You can eat amazing seafood here and here (and many other places, too!)

06. EVERYONE is friendly

07. Yes, there is a Starbucks

08. It is growing rapidly

09. The original preserved architecture is extraordinary

10. You will love it there

Prince Rupert Waterfront

Pretty even when it’s cloudy

Two points of interest that we didn’t get to see but I’ve also heard plenty about are the North Pacific Cannery and the Museum of Northern BC. If you’re into Canadian history at all you should definitely look into the cannery. Opened in 1889 and run continuously for 100 years, it is the oldest remaining intact fish cannery on the West Coast of North America and is now a Parks Canada National Historic Site.

I’m so glad I finally got to experience this beautiful part of our province before I head down south for good!



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