Life with Ryan Chapter 1: VCDH Visit

Ryan Tia VCDH

My handsome hygienist

I am kind of a freak: I love getting my teeth cleaned. Joy of all joys, our current roommate and my boyfriend’s brother-in-law (his sister’s husband’s brother…ya) happens to be in the dental hygiene program at VCDH and needed a patient.


The detailed map Ryan made for me to get there

Because I have nothing better to do, I volunteered to go in yesterday. I also tried to make my first Instagram video of the event but failed miserably and somehow lost all of the clips. But at least I was listening. So, I give you some key findings from our appointment:

My oral cavity is smooth and moist.

I don’t have oral cancer.

I have both a papule and a macule on my face.

Sometimes I abuse my gingiva.

I have a 32% plaque index, but we’re going to work on getting that down to zero.

I’m pretty much a dream patient if you like boring and healthy.

Remember to floss every day, kids!

Look at my plaque!

Look at my plaque!



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