From Kootenays to Coast

Christina Lake

Still beautiful, even when it’s cloudy

It’s official: no matter where I go the rain follows me. I was booked to catch the 7:00am flight to Castlegar on Monday so I could go pick up my “new” car at Christina Lake. Lucky me, due to poor weather we flew all the way there just to turn right back around and sit in the Vancouver airport until the 1:15pm.


What I did during most of the trip

I finally arrived to a downpour, which continued for most of the night and didn’t get much better yesterday. The good news for anyone headed there this weekend though is that it’s supposed to be like 36!

There was a bright side to my trip (besides the new wheels): I got to make the beautiful drive along Hwy 3 back home. I have to say, Osoyoos is stunning!

Osoyoos, BC

Osoyoos, BC

We’re headed off to Victoria tomorrow for the weekend, so my BC travels continue.

I’ll leave you with my new view 🙂

New West View

New West view



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