Riding the Heat Wave

Family photo

Jordana, me, Brendan

It’s been years since I last saw my cousin Brendan and his wife Jordana. When we plan for vacations, Mexico or Arizona usually win over, say, Winnipeg. I finally got to see these guys and landed in the middle of a heat wave! Jordana picked me up from the airport and we spent the day at Winnipeg’s farmers’ market, The Forks.

The rest of my time I spent with Brenna, the beautiful lady I met in Victoria three years ago during a french immersion “camp” at UVic. We got our first tattoos together that summer at Government Street Tattoo. They still look awesome!


Our first tattoos

She took me to the beach and we indulged in buck-a-shuck oysters at Lobby (plus wine) followed by some delicious crème brûlée from The Keg.

After my exotic stop in Winnipeg, I visited Sarah, another friend from Victoria, in Halifax. We headed straight to the cottage from the airport for the weekend.


The clotheslines everywhere are so cute!

Morning Dip

Our morning dip in the Atlantic

We spent all day soaking up the sun at Heather Beach.

Heather Beach

Heather Beach

Sarah was a perfect hostess, taking me to the tourist spot Peggy’s Cove to see the lighthouse and indulging in my many seafood cravings. We even got to eat fresh flounder that her boyfriend caught on Monday.

Peggy's Cove

Peggy’s Cove

We took the Alexander Keith’s brewery tour (so much fun and you get TWO pints of your choice). Summer tours start every half hour and takes about sixty minutes so make sure to leave yourself enough time when planning.

Sarah at Keith's

Sarah helping out at Keith’s

My last night came too soon and we went to Five Fishermen for oyster happy hour (I know, I’m obsessed) followed by beer and burgers at The Maxwell’s Plum. OH! I didn’t get a shot but I also ate at a spot called Q for lunch one day: I killed a half rack of pork ribs with Texas sauce, baked beans and corn bread. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, so if you get the chance you’ve got to eat there!

Happy during happy hour

Happy during happy hour

I just spent the latter half of today on, surprise, surprise, another beach—in Bermuda. Nicole and I have some super fun things planned for this last leg of the trip with my uncle so stay tuned (hint: Google flyboarding)!

Landing in paradise

Landing in paradise



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