We Survived the Bermuda Triangle: Part 1

Bermuda Waters

How we knew we found paradise

Well I’m back from paradise and super excited that Vancouver is hot and sunny! We had so much fun in Bermuda that it was hard to leave. Apparently we’re missing out on some pretty huge summer parties coming up—but had no lack of activities to try out while we were there! I’m going to have to add a few photos later on when I get them from my traveling companion.

Besides the beautiful pink sand beaches, there were two major things that stood out for me in Bermuda: all of the food was so delicious and they have tiny roads. Seriously. If you are a tourist considering renting a moped on the island (they don’t rent cars because of how small it is), be prepared to dodge crazy drivers and brave tight corners. The lanes are small and people often veer over the centre line. The locals do not appreciate tourists slowing them down. Also, keep in mind that the traffic flow is “backwards” from us, same as the UK.

The first night we grabbed tapas at Sea Breeze, which boasts a beautiful ocean view and gorgeous patio (we hunted for great patios a few times on the trip). We indulged in a pitcher of the raspberry mojito to kick start our holiday mood. After that we hung out at Horseshoe Bay beach for a bit before heading to my uncle’s to get some rest before the long week ahead.

Horseshoe Bay Girls

After tapas the first night—we couldn’t wait!

Friday we hit Horsehoe Bay again for most of the early afternoon. The water here is an unbelievable shade of turquoise, and we found that out of all the beaches we visited it had the cleanest shoreline and softest sand.


Good thing we were already tanned pre-trip!

Saturday evening, we had the pleasure of celebrating my uncle’s birthday on a catamaran. We were aboard the Restless Native, and although the wind was severe where we set sail, they brought us to a calm bay to swim. Plus, not only is the boat pink, but they make CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES on board for you! They had the key to my heart.

Catamaran Cruise

This took so many tries it’s not even funny.

Catamaran Cruise 2

The perfect sunset from the catamaran.

On Sunday we were floored (almost literally, there was that much food) by the brunch buffet served up in Ocean Echo at The Reefs Resort. I can’t even describe the selection in detail because there were too many things: on my plate was everything from shrimp tempura and mussels to ribs and mac n’ cheese. We indulged in chocolate fondue and about five different cakes too. One thing visitors might find interesting is the traditional Bermudian codfish breakfast. We tested it out and I have to say it’s actually not bad, despite how weird it sounds.

Codfish Breakfast

Codfish, boiled eggs, avocado, banana and potatoes

After brunch we had an insane time maxing out some SeaDoos in the ocean with Somerset Bridge Watersports. We got so much air on the waves we had to hold each other down. One cool part about this tour was that they take you to the Vixen sunken ship and you feed the crazy fish that hang out there (it’s a protected site).


Does this even look real?

Are you tired yet? We had so many things on the go I’m going to continue the rest in another post tomorrow.



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