River Market Pt 1: Longtail, Big Flavour

Prawn Pad Thai

Longtail Kitchen’s tasty pad thai is affordable, too!

One of my favourite places to visit in New West is the River Market at Westminster Quay. Visitors who are new to the area or who haven’t been by in a few years will be surprised by the variety of attractions housed under one roof. The River Market’s 70,000 square foot space offers everything from the usual (groceries, a café, burgers and home décor), to the unexpected (a wall of tea, cooking classes and a circus school).

When you step inside the bright, open hall at the centre, your senses are hit from every side with bright colours and mouthwatering smells. One of the cozy, onsite restaurants that has drawn me in more than once is Longtail Kitchen, a street food-inspired Thai establishment which opened earlier this year.

Longtail Decor

Find Thai-inspired cookbooks, ingredients and kitchen accessories right on the wall!

In every dish you’ll get a savoury, spicy and sweet mix of flavours and textures. I always order a Thai iced tea to temper the heat (which I’m not complaining about)! The Pad Thai with Prawns is rich and filling, with a creamy, nutty sauce and fresh bean sprouts for balance.

Longtail Kitchen

Hustlin’ in the open kitchen during a busy lunch hour.

If you’re looking for a smaller snack, the Fried Oysters are salty and crispy but light, with an addictive dipping sauce that has major bite. Founder and renowned chef Angus An (also of the popular Maenam) has really excelled at keeping the menu simple but satisfying.



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